The USMNT goalkeeper, Matt Turner, made crucial saves in the shootout to secure a spot in the semifinals, defeating Canada. The Gold Cup quarterfinal match on Sunday night was a fiercely contested battle, marked by intensity and sporadic moments of brilliance throughout the 120 minutes.

In contrast to their previous meeting in the Nations League finale, this match was a completely different affair, with several key players absent. However, the USMNT once again emerged victorious, thanks in large part to Turner’s outstanding performance. He saved a penalty from Steven Vitoria and followed it up with a remarkable stop against Liam Fraser. With the U.S. leading 3-2, Canada’s Charles-Andreas Brym hit the post, sealing the U.S. victory.

Turner’s heroics propelled the USMNT to the next stage of the tournament, where they will face Panama in their quest for a spot in the Gold Cup final. The team can attribute their success to Turner’s exceptional goalkeeping skills.

Matt Turner (9/10):

Couldn’t get to the Vitoria penalty in second-half stoppage time and there was little he could do on the Shaffelburg strike due to the deflection. When it mattered most, though, he stepped up, seizing the advantage for his team in the shootout with two colossal saves.

DeJuan Jones (8/10):

Absolutely picture-perfect cross on the Vazquez goal, marking his second consecutive game with an assist. Passing was a bit iffy at times, but another good impression.

Jalen Neal (7/10):

Had one big mistake that he’ll have been glad to see go unpunished. Other than that, steady again as his passing was phenomenal and his defending was otherwise good.

Miles Robinson (6/10):

Generally fantastic throughout, even flexing some passing range with a few perfectly-hit long balls. The handball, though, set the U.S. back, even if there really was little Robinson could have done to avoid it.

Bryan Reynolds (6/10):

Was caught a bit too far upfield on Canada’s goal in extra time, which was a bad mistake on an otherwise okay night. Reynolds has helped his case this tournament, even if Sunday night wasn’t exactly great.


Gianluca Busio (7/10):

Was pretty frenetic during the chaotic first half, but did have one clear-cut chance that didn’t quite come off. Calmed down in the second half and created the own goal to level things deep in extra time. His penalty was fantastic, too.

James Sands (7/10):

Another good day for Sands, who continues to own that No. 6 role. The NYCFC midfielder cleans up so many messes and moves the ball on simply, and he did plenty of that on Sunday.

Djordje Mihailovic (6/10):

Not as good as he has been the rest of this tournament, but still wasn’t bad. Was fouled a few times, and gave a few back, as the physicality of the game prevented him from ever really getting going.


Julian Gressel (5/10):

In the game for his crossing and set piece delivery, but both were just a little bit off. Didn’t quite add enough from open play to justify a good score.

Jesus Ferreira (7/10):

Had some good moments at striker, although no goal. Really came alive once Vazquez came on, allowing Ferreira to drop deeper into a free-roaming position. In the words of Alexi Lalas on the broadcast: “I don’t know what position Ferreira is playing, but he’s doing good things!” That just about sums it up.

Alejandro Zendejas (5/10):

Another game, another rough one from Zendejas. Everything was just one step too slow, which is concerning considering this was the fourth game of this tournament.

Subs & Manager

Cade Cowell (6/10):

Brought a whole bunch of energy but very little end product. Still, you give him credit for adding life to a game that needed it. Converted from the spot, too, in a big moment for a teenage star.

Matt Miazga (6/10):

Had a few good tackles, but the key sequence was Canada’s second goal. He gave Shaffelburg a bit of space and the ball took the slightest deflection, but those are the breaks.

Brandon Vazquez (7/10):

Talk about an impact. Playing in front of his home crowd, Vazquez missed a few quick chances, but made no mistake on his header. Unfortunately for him, though, the U.S. couldn’t hold on to win it in that moment, but his teammates did have his back by bailing him out after his miss in the shootout.

Jordan Morris (5/10):

Came into the game for extra time and did a whole lot of not much.

Aaron Long (6/10):

Replaced Robinson, who wasn’t quite fit enough to go 90. Wasn’t involved much.

Cristian Roldan (N/A):

Came in as the U.S. chased the game and filled in as a makeshift right back for the final minutes.

B.J. Callaghan (6/10):

May need to rethink the lineup a bit, especially with the wingers, and he may have taken just a bit too long to recognize that. However, credit to him for sticking Vazquez and Ferreira out there together as the game wore on.

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