Guardiola highlights Onana’s ability to play as a sweeper keeper and participate in the team’s build-up play. This suggests that Onana possesses excellent technical skills and distribution abilities, enabling him to contribute to Inter Milan’s attacking moves from the back. Guardiola acknowledges Onana’s exceptional qualities as a goalkeeper, indicating that he is aware of the challenges his team may face in breaking down Inter Milan’s defensive structure.

Additionally, Guardiola singles out Alessandro Bastoni, an Inter Milan defender who typically operates on the left side. Guardiola emphasizes Bastoni’s exceptional ability to connect with the team’s strikers and make crucial passes. By recognizing Bastoni’s quality, Guardiola acknowledges the importance of neutralizing his impact and disrupting the connections he creates with the forward line.

Guardiola’s comments reflect his tactical approach and his recognition of the strengths possessed by the opposition. He understands the challenges of playing against Inter Milan’s high pressing style and their defensive setup, and he expresses the need for Manchester City to find effective solutions to counter these strategies. Guardiola’s assessment of Onana and Bastoni demonstrates his meticulous preparation and analysis ahead of the Champions League final.

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