Room: Living Room

Color Scheme: The color scheme for this room is a combination of warm and cool tones. The walls are painted in a soft gray color, creating a neutral backdrop for the room. Accents of teal and pink are incorporated through the furniture and decoration pieces to add pops of color.

  1. Sofa: A comfortable and spacious sectional sofa in a light gray fabric is placed in the center of the room. It features plush cushions and includes a chaise lounge for extra relaxation.
  2. Coffee Table: A sleek and modern glass coffee table with a gold-finished base is positioned in front of the sofa. It adds a touch of elegance to the room.
  3. Accent Chairs: Two mustard yellow accent chairs with a mid-century modern design are placed near the windows. They provide additional seating and complement the color scheme.
  4. Entertainment Unit: A low-profile entertainment unit in a dark wood finish is mounted on the wall across from the sofa. It houses the television, multimedia devices, and offers storage space for books and decor.
  5. Bookshelves: Two tall bookshelves on either side of the entertainment unit showcase a collection of books, family photographs, and decorative items.


  1. Rug: A large area rug with a geometric pattern in shades of gray, teal, and yellow is placed under the coffee table and sofa. It ties the color scheme together and adds visual interest to the floor.
  2. Wall Art: A gallery wall above the sofa features a mix of abstract paintings and framed photographs. The artwork incorporates the colors from the room and adds personality.
  3. Floor Lamp: A tall floor lamp with a tripod base and a teal drum shade is positioned beside one of the accent chairs. It provides ambient lighting and serves as a stylish decor element.
  4. Throw Pillows and Blankets: Various throw pillows in different textures and patterns are scattered on the sofa, featuring a mix of gray, teal, and mustard yellow. A cozy knitted blanket in a complementary color is draped over one end of the sectional.
  5. Curtains: Floor-to-ceiling curtains in a light teal color are installed on the windows. They can be drawn to let in natural light or closed for privacy.

Overall, this room design combines modern and mid-century elements with a color scheme that is both calming and visually appealing. It creates a cozy and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.

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