India continued their dominant run in the ODI World Cup, securing their eighth consecutive victory by defeating South Africa with an impressive margin of 243 runs in Kolkata on Sunday. This win solidifies India’s unbeaten record in the tournament so far, sparking jubilation among Indian cricket enthusiasts.

However, amidst the celebrations, Pakistani internet personality Hareem Shah has raised questions about the tournament’s integrity. Taking to X, Hareem expressed her skepticism, stating, “India might think the world is oblivious, but we are not naive. There’s a belief that the BCCI and ICC have orchestrated this tournament to ensure India’s triumph.”

She went on to claim, “It’s all about the influence of money!” Like numerous other celebrities, Hareem has been closely following the 2023 World Cup and frequently sharing her opinions on Pakistan’s performance. The latest highlight for Pakistan was an outstanding century by Fakhar Zaman against New Zealand on Saturday.

India is capitalizing on their home ground advantage, strategically leveraging the anticipated slow pitch at the Wankhede Stadium. According to reports, the team management successfully requested BCCI curators to modify the playing surface, a decision made after their victory over the Netherlands in Bengaluru.

The Indian Express highlighted that Indian officials conveyed their preference for a trimmed-down grass surface to the BCCI curators. An official from the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) reportedly confirmed that the message to prepare a slow track was communicated before the home team’s arrival in Mumbai.

While it’s clarified that the pitch won’t be a complete turner, insiders revealed, “It won’t be a turner, but the team had asked for a slow pitch. It was the main reason we shaved off the grass.”

In recent years, India has demonstrated resilience on slow wickets at home, and the Wankhede Stadium, in particular, has proven challenging for chasing teams during the tournament. Notably, Glenn Maxwell’s remarkable 200-run innings stands as the sole successful pursuit at the venue.

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